February Chapter Lunch - Brian Lawrence with Renovo Energy, LLC will talk about SC fire codes and what you need to do to stay current

When: 2/8/2024 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Greer City Hall
301 E. Poinsett Street
With the South Carolina adoption of the Life Safety Code in January of this year (2023), there is now a focus from all AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction), including but not limited to State Fire Marshals, SC DHEC Fire and Safety inspectors, OSHA inspectors, and The Joint Commission, to enforce the monthly code complaint testing and reporting of all emergency egress lighting and signage.  Additionally, the adoption of the Luminous Egress Pathway Markings Code compliance, not only in new buildings but retroactively in existing buildings.

Renovo Energy's Life Safety Division "SafeLumEM" is the first Life Safety Contractor in the region focusing on E-Light and E-Signage automated self-testing and reporting systems, luminous egress pathway markings and ADA compliant Egress Signage.

SafeLumEM can provide the most advanced technology and systems for facilities to automate their E-light and Signage testing and reporting, eliminating O&M cost, human error and failure and stay compliant.

Please see this flyer for more information  on our technologies.

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Bill Cummings Secure Roofing Associate Member