August Chapter Meeting

When: 08/08/2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Greer City Hall, 301 E. Poinsett Street Greer, SC 29651

Our August Chapter meeting's educational program will beThe New Business Etiquette presented by Elizabeth Ebihara, Principal Trainer & Consultant of Pocket Lab LLC.

Course Objectives:  Through explanations, real examples and dialogue, attendees will learn the importance of first impressions and how to best manage their own first impressions.  Learning to be aware and understanding appropriateness is key in guiding behaviors while on-the-job and will provide a basis of understanding for communications, dining and dressing the part. 

Attendees will walk away with skills on how to:

  • Make a GREAT impression understand how quickly impressions are formed and how to ensure you put your best foot forward every time.
  • Greetings/Handshake and Elevator Pitch tips why little things like how you meet and shake hands with someone is important.  Learn why an elevator pitch is key.
  • Adeptly handle business and networking events How to feel more confident and less self-conscious.  How to strike up a conversation with someone new and get away from a clingy person.
  • Conversation-Starters What to avoid and how to ask open-ended questions and where to look for topics you can and should discuss.
  • Dining Tips and Guidelines Do's and Don'ts the list will surprise you.
  • Tips for Dressing the Part Thinking about what's appropriate and why.
  • Effective/Proper communications Thank you notes, phone calls, emails and texting how and when to effectively use each method. And thinking strategically "so you got the meeting, now what?"
  • Handling Awkward Situations the list is long and this is practical information.

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